GFCI Outlet RCD Adapter Leakage Protection Breaker(White)
ANEKEN GFCI Outlet RCD Adapter Portable Leakage Protection Breaker 15Amp in Circuit Breaker for Household Devices to Protect Electric Safety, White


•【WIDELY USE】The GFCI adapter can be widely used between wall outlets, power receptacles, power tools, home appliances and multi-outlet power strips.

•【SAFETY】Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with Surge Protection, to protect people from electrical shock.

•【PORTABILITY】Easier than changing the origin plug of appliances and power tools. Portable and simple to use in various places.

•【DURABILITY】The 15 amp GFCI adapter is made of ABS material, safe and durable.

•【100% GUARANTEE】We promise a 24-month warranty. Any questions about our products or service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply in 24 hours.