GFCI Replacement Plug15Amp 3 Wires(Black)
GFCI Replacement Plug Assembly 3-Prongs 15Amp 3-wires with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Safety RCD Protection for Pool Pump, Power Pressure Washer, Air Conditioner, Hair Dryer and so on (Black)


•【Easy to Install】Ground fault circuit interrupter with surge protection. Just respectively connect 3 pcs of wires to joint screws marked BLK (live wire), GRN (earth wire) and WHT (null wire).Then screw down and close the cover.

•【Safety Leakproof】ETL listed. Replacing your general plug of power tool with this GFCI Plug, to protect you and your appliances from electric shock. when leakage of electricity takes place, the GFCI plug can break the circuit automatically within 0.03 second. Auto-reset when leakage is eliminated.

•【Durable】Solid material and rugged design construction, built to withstand heavy use. Do not need to waste much more money to get new devices after using this replacement plug.

•【Clear Instructions】Power indicator lamp goes OFF if GFCI trips, power is interrupted or GFCI is unplugged. To test and use, just keep connecting, press the TEST button, the indicator light should be off; press the RESET button, the light should be on.

•【Widely Use】Replacement GFCI plug is widely used for most home appliance and electric tools unit such as washing machine, air conditioner and hairdryer. Check this youtube video to know how to install it.